Shape Up Dallas

How Do You Feel? Powerful!!!

Are You Ready?  Always Ready!

80% Nutrition!  20% Fitness!

Who's Got Goals?  We've Got Goals!

What Time is It?  Shake Time!

​ Every week conducted by our Coaches:

-Monday 6:30 pm            Tabata HIIT Class
-Tuesday 9:00 am            Fitcamp
-Tuesday 6:30 pm            (Advanced Class)
-Wednesday 6:30 pm      Tabata Core
-Thursday 9:00 am           Fitcamp
-Saturday 11:00 am          Targeted Stations

EVERY workout class is modified for all fitness levels! You can bring a bottle of water and a yoga mat! Come have lots of fun, make friends & live a healthy active life!  

Great Coaches, Great Atmosphere,

Tons of Results!!!